Founded in 2006, KWA Inc. is a proud family owned trucking company who has grown on the principles of providing our clients with the best customer service experience along with extending our family touch to each of our customers. With our current fleet of 40 tractors and trailers, we have been transporting various commodities across 48 states ranging from perishable foods, urgent priority shipments, high value products and various verities of pharmaceutical products. At KWA, a woman owned company, we have built a strong and enviable reputation for providing a superior transportation service throughout the United States. On the basis of this foundation, we continue to grow and attract new customers who seek this type of a unique service.


Our Mission Statement:
Through the power and creativity of our employees, and the investment of resources into the company, we seek to provide integrated, innovative transportation solutions, utilizing leadership, experience, ability and desire to achieve our client goals.

Our Vision Statement:
To be recognized as one of the premier temperature controlled transportation companies in the United States.

Our Core Values:

  • Honesty – We are truthful in our relations and services to our customers
  • Desire – We provide a rewarding and challenging environment for continued growth of our employees
  • Responsiveness – We maintain our commitments to our customers and take active roles in helping our customers succeed.
  • Flexibility – We customize our services and utilize our resources to meet the evolving market conditions and business needs of our customers.
  • Teamwork – We recognize that by working together to meet the needs of our customers, we will only enhance our collective success.


We take great pride in continuously providing our customers and associates with state of the art technology. Our advanced technology initiative has increased our monitoring and communication capabilities, our safety record and has ultimately allowed us to provide a much more detailed level of service to our customers with exceeding their expectations.

  • We utilize satellite communication devices in all our company equipment. This allows us to track our tractor and trailer locations any minute throughout the day or night
  • Our trailers are equipped with real time satellite equipment which allows us to monitor each refrigerated trailers internal environment. With this system, we can provide the following:
    • GPS location
    • Full reefer unit monitoring including all alarms, reefer operational status and any changes.
    • Complete two way remote configuration of the reefer unit temperature controller. We can monitor and control the temperature of our trailers remotely.
    • Comprehensive fuel monitoring capable of detecting fuel loss, fuel usage and refueling events.
    • On board geo fencing to manage arrivals, departures and trailer dwell times.
    • Certified temperature mapped trailers. We have multiple trailers in our fleet

With this state of the art technology, we are capable of controlling each aspect of the trailer and reefer environment remotely. We can ensure that your temperature sensitive product will be delivered in its ideal condition.


Our team goes through various training programs at KWA Inc. prior to transporting any products for any of our customers.

Our drivers are the most valuable assets for our company and therefor we stride in providing them with the best possible training:

  • E-logs
  • FDA (Food Safety for Carriers Awareness Module)
  • STA (Security Threat Assessment)
  • Safety meetings (Mandated)
  • Proper operation of new equipment (new trucks, new refrigeration units on trailers)
  • New technology

KWA Inc. believes that proper training and the highest level of safety is the foundation of providing our customers with reliability, accountability and exceptional service they demand.